Kimball, TN, is a gateway community to the Sequatchie Valley and the Sequatchie Valley National Scenic Byway. The town is located off I-24 with easy access to restaurants, gas stations, a fireworks store, and the Kimball Crossing Shopping Center. During a trip through the valley, stop in this small town to recharge and relax.

Perched on the plateau above Kimball, Jasper Highlands Village features a market and Top of the Rock Restaurant and Brewery. The site offers outdoor dining and stunning overhead views of the Sequatchie Valley.

Kimball Then and Now

Historically, Kimball played an integral part in Sequatchie Valley’s coal and iron industry. Its fertile lands and rich deposits of minerals allowed farmers and miners to thrive. Today, Kimball is a welcoming town with loads of opportunities for families to thrive in a more modern lifestyle. Also, Kimball Park features baseball and soccer fields, as well as a playground and walking trails. Additionally, the park borders the Tennessee River and offers views of historic Burns Island offering natural beauty and a lovely place for residents and visitors to relax outdoors.

Kimball is a crossroads for Nashville and Chattanooga, which are two of Tennessee’s largest cities. Furthermore, it offers easy access to the Sequatchie Valley National Scenic Byway. The Byway connects visitors with some of Tennessee’s most charming towns and unlimited outdoor adventures. Paragliding, hiking, biking, fishing, and more outdoor sports await. In addition to outdoor activities, Sequatchie Valley offers numerous locally owned restaurants where foodies of all types can indulge in new dishes. Then, delight in a day of shopping in boutiques and local antique stores like Thyme for Home Decor. Plus, Tennessee’s Great Valley offers plenty of overnight accommodations including camping, treehouses, hotels, and resorts.

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