While Sequatchie Valley is known for its beautiful open farmland, it also has forests and rocky ridges surrounding it that are perfect for hiking, with waterfalls, deep woods and breathtaking views! Find the trail that suits you best in one of the four state natural areas in Sequatchie Valley: Prentice Cooper State Forest, Cumberland Trail State Park, Fall Creek Falls State Park (Tennessee's most visited state park), and South Cumberland State Park (Tennessee's largest state park)



There are plenty of beautiful places to camp in Sequatchie Valley. For wooded campsites, check out South Cumberland State Park and Fall Creek Falls State Park. For lakeside camping, go to Marion County Park and Shellmound RV Resort & Campground.



With miles of beautiful low-traffic backroads crisscrossing scenic farmland, Sequatchie Valley is the perfect place for cycling, whether you're looking for a quick ride or an all-day adventure. Find the best bike routes in the valley at Bikeways of the Scenic South!



The Sequatchie River is in the process of achieving official "Blueway" status due to its value as a recreational waterway, perfect for an easy float with gentle thrills. Click here for more information about the Sequatchie River Blueway!

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Water Sports

Surrounded by lush mountains, Nickajack Lake on the south end of Sequatchie Valley is a super scenic playground for water sports of all kinds! Check out the services offered at Hales Bar Marina to jumpstart your lake adventure!


Rock Climbing

Sequatchie Valley is home to world-class rock climbing on the rocky faces overlooking the valley, offering a wide variety of challenge and unparalleled scenery. Check out Southeastern Climbers Coalition for more info!


Horseback Riding

Experience Sequatchie Valley on horseback! Check out Tennessee Dude & Guest Ranch for all the details!



Tee up in a gorgeous setting at one of the three golf courses in Sequatchie Valley: Sweetens Cove Golf Club (South Pittsburg), Mt Airy Golf Club (Dunlap), and Fall Creek Falls Golf Course (Fall Creek Falls State Park)

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Disc Golf

Enjoy a round of disc golf in downtown Dunlap at the Valley Fest park!

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Hang Gliding & Paragliding

Looking for a truly breathtaking way to experience Sequatchie Valley? Get a birds-eye view of this gorgeous landscape hang gliding or paragliding over the valley! Check out Tennessee Tree Toppers and Flying Camp Paragliding for more information and opportunities for instruction and tandem flights!



Freefall over Sequatchie Valley with a thrilling tandem skydiving jump! The experienced crew at Chattanooga Skydiving Center can have you trained and ready to jump in less than an hour!

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On the south end of Sequatchie Valley near South Pittsburg is a 500-acre off-road playground with over 120 trails ranging from mild to extreme. Check out Adventure Off Road Park for more info! Camping, races and events too!



Sequatchie Valley is beautiful inside and out! Check out the Southeastern Cave Conservancy for more info on caving opportunities in the valley!



Horsing Around at the Tennessee Dude & Guest Ranch


The Tennessee Dude & Guest Ranch in Dunlap, Tenn., offers much more than trail rides for the families and horse enthusiasts who flock there from around the world. Visitors arrive as guests and leave as friends after a full immersion in life on a Tennessee dude ranch.

A long dirt road leads to the ranch and transports visitors to farm life, offering expansive views of the Sequatchie Valley, a narrow valley near Chattanooga that is lined by Walden’s Ridge on one side and the Cumberland Plateau on the other. The ranch features a large house...


Trials Training Center attracts international crowd to the Sequatchie Valley


Recognized throughout the world-yet unknown to many area residents-the Sequatchie Valley is home to an all-inclusive motorcycle resort: the Trials Training Center.

Renowned for specializing in motorcycle trials, the 680-acre Trials Training Center is a rock-strewn mountainous landscape featuring more than 17 miles of trails that range in difficulty from medium to extreme.

The Trials Training Center is the only trials-based instruction facility in the United States, according to Charlie Roberts, the center’s technical manager.

Trials bikes are...


Biodiversity at Sequatchie Cave State Natural Area


Sequatchie Cave State Natural Area occupies an unassuming crook along a back road at the base of Sequatchie Mountain outside of Jasper, Tenn. A clear-running creek flows from the mouth of the cave-known to locals as Blowing Cave-to form Owen Spring Branch, a tributary of the Little Sequatchie River within the Sequatchie Valley. Water pipes tinted green by time still run from the mouth of the cave, evidence of this pristine water source that once served the unincorporated community of Sequatchie.

Sequatchie Cave

Sequatchie Cave is a Class II...


Explore Foster Falls & Denny Cove ~ South Cumberland State Park


South Cumberland State Park, Tennessee’s largest state park, is comprised of a number of units scattered across the South Cumberland Plateau. Two of these sections, Foster Falls and Denny Cove, are located fairly close together between Jasper and Tracy City, and along the eastern side of the canyon system known as the Fiery Gizzard.


At the southern terminus of the nationally-known 12.5-mile Fiery Gizzard Trail, Foster Falls has become a world...


See Endangered Bats Emerge from Historic Nickajack Cave


Historic Nickajack Cave, partially flooded by its namesake lake, is considered to be biologically one of the most important caves in Tennessee. This is primarily because of the thousands of gray bats that inhabit it from late April through early October, with peak numbers being in June and July. The gray bat, a medium-sized short-eared species, is one of over a dozen in Tennessee and is listed as federally endangered.

During the time of year they roost in Nickajack Cave, which is also when they give birth to their young, they emerge each evening after sundown...


Paddling Battle Creek from South Pittsburg, TN


A growing number of outdoor enthusiasts are getting canoes or kayaks and looking for a good place for some flatwater paddling or fishing. One lesser-known option, a mere half-hour drive from downtown Chattanooga, is Marion County’s Battle Creek.

As a tributary of Lake Guntersville, the creek’s water level is regulated by Guntersville Dam and except during periods of high, and thus faster-flowing, water, it can be paddled upstream for at least 7 miles.

The boat ramp at South Pittsburg’s Municipal Park provides easy access to the mouth of Battle Creek. From...


Danger: Low-head dam safety on the Sequatchie River


Low-head dams don’t look particularly menacing. Thousands of these low-level structures were built on American rivers and streams in the 1800s and early 1900s to power gristmills and small industries. With a short drop of up to 5 feet, low-head dams can seem like a minor inconvenience-or even a thrill-for paddlers and swimmers. However, the churning waters at the base of these dams present a high level of danger to the unwary.

Since 1960, at least 350 documented fatalities have occurred at low-head dams in the United States, according to Dr. Bruce Tschantz,...


Bikeways of the Scenic South


If you’re looking for ways to explore the Chattanooga region of Southeast Tennessee by bike, then check out Bikeways of the Scenic South – a collection of curated cycling routes throughout the region featuring breathtaking scenery, low-traffic roads, points of interest along the route and specific details about places to park, rest and refuel.

This network of road cycling routes is available at ScenicBikeways.com and includes downloadable maps,...