Little Tail Farms in Dunlap

Sitting atop Cagle Mountain in Dunlap, Little Tail Farms has 50 acres of pastures, views, barnyard animals, warm hospitality, and an experience unlike anywhere else in the Sequatchie Valley. The property is a first-generation family business owned and operated by David, Laurie, and Allie Bizzell. Together, the trio offers a guest experience unlike anywhere else in Southeastern Tennessee. 

Agritourism has surged in popularity. Overworked and overstimulated individuals and families are craving a break from the average day, and many are escaping to the Sequatchie Valley to find respite. Meanwhile, businesses like Little Tail Farms are changing the way people vacation. 

We recently sat down with Laurie to learn about her family’s unique business and how meshing agriculture and tourism has allowed their farm to flourish. 

The Story Behind Little Tail Farms

Scottish Highland Cattle
Photo courtesy of Little Tail Farms

David Bizzell was born and raised in Chattanooga, although his wife Laurie has lived in numerous places across the country. Having moved 29 times, Laurie could have lived anywhere in America. When David offered to move to the location of her choice, she could have chosen anywhere. She chose Dunlap, TN. 

“Up here on the Cumberland Plateau, there’s always a breeze,” Laurie shared. “It is magical, and we love it.” 

The pair found a peaceful tract of 50 acres outside the small town of Dunlap. A picturesque piece of property, the land is the setting for the Bizzells’ fairytale farm story. The family transformed it into a beloved attraction and overnight experience, and Little Tail Farms is now a popular destination for weary travelers. Read more about how David and Laurie built their business here. 

The Little Tail Farms Experience 

Farm Tours and Animal Encounters

Farm Tours at Little Tail Farms
Photo courtesy of Little Tail Farms

From March to October, Little Tail Farms opens to guests every Saturday at 10 a.m. The family at this farm offers a guided tour with an exclusive perspective on rural life. Plus, guests can get up close with the sheep, goats, alpaca, chickens, pigs, miniature horses, donkeys, Scottish Highland cattle, and livestock guardian dogs in the barnyard! 

“I love sharing the farm with people because, to me, it’s magical,” Laurie said. 

Guests can interact with the animals by feeding and brushing them. Take photos with the animals for the ultimate souvenir; see real photos from guests here. The exclusive experience is limited to 20 guests, so advance tickets are required. Farm tours are free for children ages 12 and under; purchase adult tickets in advance here

Private farm tours are available to overnight guests staying on the farm. 

Farm Stays

Stay at the Highland Cottage or the apartment at Little Tail Farms.
Photo courtesy of Little Tail Farms

Expertly protected by security guard barn cats and livestock guardian dogs, Little Tail Farms is like the setting from a children’s book. Step off the city streets and immerse yourself in this magical setting! A unique option for overnight lodging, this farm offers so much more than just a place to lay your head. It’s an experience, and one only found at Little Tail Farms. In fact, the farm is among the top 10% of places to stay on Airbnb! This property offers these lodging options:

The Apartment
Barnyard animals at Little Tail Farms in Dunlap
Photo courtesy of Little Tail Farms

Escape the hustle and bustle and live the farm life! The one-bedroom and one-bathroom apartment accommodates up to 6 guests and offers fresh Sequatchie Valley air and expansive views of the barnyard. Especially fun for families with children, a stay here provides views of the barnyard animals and it immerses you into the “book” as a character in the Little Tail Farms’ story.

This unique place to stay in Dunlap offers a private balcony so guests can truly relax on the farm. At night, gaze up at the stars and see the skies like never before. With no light pollution, Little Tail Farms is the perfect spot for stargazing. The kiddos will love it!

Also, the apartment includes a cozy fireplace and a dining table. Enjoy all the comforts of home while allowing families to leave the pressures of the day-to-day grind behind. Amenities include wi-fi, climate control, coffee maker, microwave, stove, refrigerator, and a washer and dryer. Linens, towels, dishes, and more are provided for guests. View the full list of amenities and book your stay at Little Tail Farms.

When the rooster crows, wake up to a farm-fresh breakfast! With all the kitchen amenities in the apartment, guests can prepare their own breakfast using fresh eggs sourced from Little Tail Farms. Laurie offers fresh eggs to her guests for free, subject to availability.

The Highland Cottage
Scottish Highland Cattle outside the Highland Cottage in Dunlap, TN.
Photo courtesy of Little Tail Farms

Book a romantic stay in the Highland Cottage at Little Tail Farms. This tiny cottage accommodates 2 guests. While small in size, it offers big views of the Scottish Highland Cattle.

By day, visit with the cattle and stroll down to the barnyard to feed and pet the animals. Spend time in the pastures. Bring a book, a blanket, and a picnic lunch. Relax with a leisurely day on the farm. Then at night, watch the sunset, sit around the firepit, and gaze at the stars.

In addition to amenities like a TV, linens, and other essentials, your stay will include everything you need to prepare meals and beverages. Shop for local produce, baked goods, and more at the nearby Mennonite Community. Then, enjoy your bounty at your home away from home. The Highland Cottage does not offer internet, so it’s an excellent opportunity to unplug from the outside world. 

Learn more about Highland Cottage at Little Tail Farms and book your stay here.

The Whole Farm

Traveling with friends or an extended family? Reserve the whole farm! This includes both the apartment and the Highland Cottage.

Visiting Dunlap and the Sequatchie Valley

Visit Dunlap for a unique vacation experience in the South.
Photo courtesy of Little Tail Farms

Little Tail Farms in Dunlap is within a 2-hour or less drive from Knoxville, Nashville, Crossville, and Chattanooga. Because of its proximity to some of Tennessee’s largest cities, Dunlap’s tourism industry is growing. With its array of nearby waterfalls, hiking trails, and other outdoor adventures, Dunlap and the Sequatchie Valley is quickly becoming one of the South’s top destinations.

Laurie’s favorite things to do in the Sequatchie Valley are visiting waterfalls and hiking the diverse landscape. In Dunlap, Laurie loves to shop at The Local Depot, which is a co-op of 30 artisans selling crafts, art, and local items. She also enjoys visiting Stone Creek Farm to pick blueberries and visiting The Bee’s Knees for happy hour.

The Sequatchie Valley National Scenic Byway

The Sequatchie Valley in Southeastern Tennessee
Photo courtesy of Little Tail Farms

The newly designated Sequatchie Valley National Scenic Byway is a 70-mile route meandering from Pikeville to South Pittsburg, TN. The many towns along the way, such as Dunlap, offer local eateries, boutiques, historic sites, and places to stay. As you tour the Byway, take in the views of the peaks, valleys, forests, and other natural elements that make the Sequatchie Valley so wild and wonderful. Then, hop off the Byway for unique experiences like a visit to Little Tail Farms.

Dunlap is also home to other family-owned businesses like Rolling Oak Distillery. The team at this distillery uses 160-year-old recipes and secret techniques to craft their Misty Mountain Moonshine. Plus, discover unique local businesses like Studio Dunlap. The recording studio brings in a wave of artists and has Historic Downtown Dunlap singing a new tune. Outside the studio, take in the alluring guitar mural.

Studio Dunlap is the Sequatchie Valley's only recording studio.
Photo courtesy of Studio Dunlap

Discover all the sides of Dunlap! From the downtown district’s alluring vibe to the countryside’s hospitable charm, Dunlap has a whole new experience for you. Start planning your trip and follow us on social media to stay updated on the latest from your new favorite destination: Sequatchie Valley.

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